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Floor Plan of the Bathroom

Floor Plan of the Master Bathroom
Floor Plan of the Master Bathroom

This may give you some idea why Tiffany Sperger’s lie, about Marri seeing Steve and Hanna in a compromising position on the toilet, is ridiculous on the face of it. First, the door opens inward, and blocks the view of the toilet, so how would Marri have seen it? The tub is also higher than the toilet, so how did Steve lie on top of Hanna while she was on the toilet, and where did most of his nearly six-foot tall body go? Tiffany changed her story several times, saying the lights were out, then saying maybe there was a night light, then maybe Steve wasn’t on top of her, then maybe they were sort of near the toilet. Knowing the amount of traffic that was in and out of the house, often to use that bathroom, why would someone choose that as the place for a rendezvous, and why would they leave the door partly open? It was so ridiculous that even Hanna said it didn’t happen.

Floor Plan of the Sirois House With Sightlines From the Outer Doorways

Sirois House - Sightlines from the Outer Doors
Sirois House – Sightlines from the Outer Doors

Hanna claimed that an incidence of abuse happened after her cross-country race. She told several entirely different versions of it, but said they all started in the Kitchen/Dining Room area, and moved to the hallway leading to the master bedroom. The carport, where all the adults were socializing, is located just to the right of the Utility Room, Beau’s Bedroom, and the Den. Anyone who was outside could get to either of those two doors within a few steps. Since the adults were often drinking, they were also in and out of the house a lot (for more beer or to use the restroom, and sometimes just to check on the kids). The blue sightline simply shows how much a person standing in the front doorway could see, and the pink one shows what someone in the utility room doorway could see. Hanna mostly tried to claim that everyone was outside or wasn’t even there, but one claim she made was that the other kids might have been in the living room watching TV. A step or two toward the archway next to the couch would have also given someone a good view of the kitchen.

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