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Following are a series of images and explanations.

Here are a few of the images that could have been in the book if I had wanted the print version to be dozens of pages longer and far more costly. I hope I haven’t made it too inconvenient for anyone by putting them here on the blog.

There won’t be too many pictures in this post, and won’t be any of Hanna or her family, of course. A few pictures of some other people will show up in posts about certain topics (like the Night of Harry Potter chapters). Images of Maps of the Deep Springs area, and of other items related to the story will follow this post.


Michael, Minay, and Steve at Stiles, 2019
Michael, Minay, and Steve at Stiles, 2019

Here’s a picture of me with my wife, Minay, and Steve, at Stiles Unit in 2019.


Steve with Beau and Marri at Stiles, 2019
Steve with Beau and Marri at Stiles, 2019

Steve’s son and daughter, Beau and Marri, visit Steve at the Stiles Unit in Beaumont whenever they can. It’s nearly 400 miles one way for Beau, and 450 for Marri. She usually drives to Deep Springs and rides there with Beau. I’m just over 100 miles away, so it’s a bit easier for me.

Images related to the nights of Harry Potter, the Rodeo, and Beau’s Birthday, along with some other topics will follow this post.

Michael Sirois

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