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Here are some more images that could have been in Aggravated, but were put here to reduce the cost of the book. References to these images will be found in the chapters titled, The Night of the Harry Potter, Parts 1 and 2.

Some Stills From the First Video, taken on 10-18-2015

Laura Can't Reach Beau's Lap
Laura Can’t Reach Beau’s Lap

Hanna claimed that, during the drive to the movie theater to see the first Harry Potter movie, she was able to stretch far enough that, while belted in the back seat, she could reach into Steve’s lap. In this still, Beau’s girlfriend, Laura (who is probably a little taller than Hanna was then), was stretching as far as she could. A black and white version of this image is one of only two illustrations in the print version of the book.


Laura's Arm Completely Fills the Space
Laura’s Arm Completely Fills the Space

To test Hanna’s claim more accurately, we shut the door to the truck and Laura tried again. With the door shut, she couldn’t get her hand between the seat and the door any farther than her wrist. Beau’s arm wouldn’t fit either, and Hanna had said she reached Steve’s crotch by stretching her arm between the seat and the door, and under Steve’s arm. That didn’t happen.


Attempted Kiss
Attempted Kiss

Hanna claimed that, despite being buckled in, she lifted up from her seat and gave Steve a kiss on the lips while never moving her right hand from his crotch. Laura (who is about 5’ 4” – probably an inch taller than Hanna was in 2001) was able to get fairly close, but not quite there. Notice where her right hand is, though. In the image above, you can see that she couldn’t reach Beau’s lap to begin with, but if she had kept her hand down at Beau’s belt line she wouldn’t have been able to even get her chin over the top of the seat. The only way a kiss between Laura and Beau could have happened, would have been for Beau to unbuckle his seat belt, and turn around to hang his head over the seat. If Steve had done anything like that, everyone in the entire truck would have said, “What on earth are you doing, and why are your pants unzipped?”

Trajectory Illustration
Trajectory Illustration

This is another illustration used in the book, but with a spot of color here. It shows the presumed trajectory of the upper body when belted in at the waist (sans shoulder harness). My original thought was that the head and shoulders would follow the angle of the arrow in the same way that the pencil point in a mechanical compass would draw a circle on a piece of paper. What we discovered, though, as you can see in the first image above, Hanna’s head and shoulders would have been stopped by the back of the passenger side seat long before her head could reach her knees.


Marri in 2002
Marri in 2002

This picture has more to do with Marri’s size than her basketball skills. Hanna said that, in the movie theater, Steve (not having brought his own jacket, or even long pants, in late November) borrowed Marri’s jacket to cover his torso with. Seriously? Marri has always been small for her age. Steve was 5’ 11” and weighed about 180 pounds in 2001. Marri, even today, is barely over five feet tall. In November 2001, at the age of nine, she was truly tiny. This picture was taken in May 2002, when she was ten. See how big the basketball is? Marri isn’t even as tall as the back of the pickup or the hood of the Jeep. How big would her jacket have been six months before this?


Round Trip From Steve's to the Movie Theater to Hanna's
Round Trip From Steve’s to the Movie Theater to Hanna’s

This is a map of the routes from Steve’s to the theater, the theater to Hanna’s, and Hanna’s to Steve’s. Names and routes have been altered to disguise the actual layout of the towns and roads, but the distances are exact.

  • Steve’s to the corner of 2927 and 179 = 7.9 miles
  • Steve’s to the theater (in Bloom Junction Mall) = 20.6 miles
  • The theater to Hanna’s on US 373 = 12.9 miles
  • Hanna’s to Steve’s on FM 3500 and 2927 = 21.3 miles
  • Steve’s to the theater, to Hanna’s, then back to Steve’s = 54.8 miles
  • Steve’s to the theater, back home, then to Hanna’s, then back to Steve’s = 83 miles

If they had driven Hanna and Aaron home from the theater, the round trip from Steve’s to the theater, then to Hanna’s, and then back to Steve’s would have been 54.8 miles (20.6 from Steve’s to the mall, plus 12.9 to Hanna’s, and 21.3 to Steve’s = 54.8 miles). If they drove to the Sirois’ first, called Darla from there and took a chance on her insisting on having the kids home that night, the round trip would have been 83.8 miles (20.6 from Steve’s to the mall, plus 20.6 home, then 21.3 to Hanna’s, and 21.3 home again = 83.8 miles).

Why would Steve take a chance on driving at least an extra 29 miles when he could have simply called Darla from the theater to ask her? Or, logically, if Steve already knew that Darla was going to come pick the kids up the next morning, his total mileage would only be 41.8 miles round trip (from the house to the theater and back again) instead of possibly 83 miles.

The logical conclusion is that Hanna’s mother pre-arranged for the kids to spend the night. If she hadn’t, and Hanna and Aaron were supposed to come home right after the movie was over, why didn’t Darla call Steve or Robin long before midnight, asking why the kids weren’t home yet?


Beau's Bedroom
Beau’s Bedroom. Notice the sheer curtain and the trucker caps.

No one had lived in the house for several years when I visited it for the first time in 2014. The room in the picture wasn’t staged in any way. I just walked through the house, taking pictures in each room. That bed is the one Marri and Hanna slept in that night. There is a dresser to the right, out of the frame. The edge of a night table is visible next to the bed. There are a couple of other things to notice. The sheerness of the material in the curtain, and the trucker caps hanging on the ceiling fan and on the gun rack. Also, the improvised shelf made out of a plank of wood and two bar stools would have prevented anyone from standing at the foot of the bed. The oral sex that Hanna claimed happened to her that night could only have happened with her molester on the bed with her. Marri, however, was sleeping right beside Hanna. How on earth could she have slept through all of that?


Sightlines From the Living Room to Beau's Room
Sightlines From the Living Room to Beau’s Room

This is just to give a visual representation of what Beau and Aaron might have been able to see from where they were sleeping in the living room, Beau on the couch and Aaron in the recliner. They probably could barely see inside Beau’s room, but they could clearly see anyone passing from the dining room through the den and back again (the only logical path Steve could follow to get from the master bedroom to Beau’s room). Why would he risk it?


Steve and Beau in Trucker Caps, 2001
Steve and Beau in Trucker Caps, 2001

Hanna testified that a trucker cap she found was Steve’s because Beau didn’t wear anything like that (read the book, you’ll see the significance of that). Here’s a picture from 2001, showing Beau and Steve wearing the trucker caps that both of them wore constantly.

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